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Tree Removal Canberra believes that trees are an essential part of your home and should always be cared for, healthy and beautiful.
Canberra Tree Removal offers a wide variety of residential and commercial tree removal services for your home or business.

The presence of trees in one’s garden or park adds a touch of gentility and elegance to any household worthy enough to be given these majestic gifts of nature.
Trees are living things so they must be cared for considerably, mainly for them to continue thriving.
Damaged (mainly due to storms), dead or sick trees can be a source of personal safety hazards for your household. Though it pains us to have to say it, there are really times when we need to remove a tree, especially if it can cause you and those around you serious physical damage or even if you just need more space in your yard.

The term “Tree removal” then is when you cut or pull down a tree, and take the whole trunk and all the branches and leaves away, as well as the tree stump. Also known as Tree lopping, removing trees is not as simple as getting an axe and chopping away as you shout “timber!!!”
It is a highly technical task and calls for trained and qualified specialists as they have a deep understanding, with years of experience to complete the tree elimination treatment securely.

Among the most significant misconceptions about trees is that since they are natural and organic, they can take care of themselves.
The truth is that unless your backyard is a literal rain forest, trees need proper preventative maintenance like the rest of your garden, yard, flower beds shrubs and more.

Caring for the trees on your residential or commercial property is a vital part of its regular upkeep and maintenance.
Trees are part of your property and should be treated like the investment that they are since they add aesthetic (And financial) value to your home. They also make the community you live in look better and more pleasing.

If you want to ensure that your trees will be cared for properly, give us a call. We have arborists as part of our team and along with service technicians have provided residences and business assistance with their tree removal requirements.
We can prune your trees to ensure its overall health as well as remove any branches that might fall and cause damage. If you need a tree stump removed, we can handle that too.
We are an accredited and experienced tree removal service in Canberra. We will take care of your trees since we know that they take years to blossom and grow and take mere minutes to ruin if not done properly with love and respect for nature.

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Trusted Tree Removal Service in Canberra

We have provided expert tree removal and care services for over 20 years all over Canberra and nearby suburbs in the Australian Capital Territory. You can always count on us to provide your home or business with friendly, professional and expert tree care.

We believe that customers are king and customer satisfaction has been one of the highest contributors to our success since 2001.

The Tree Removal Canberra team of arborists and professional tree removers will come to your home with nothing but the latest in tree lobbing safety tools, techniques and experience.

Most of the jobs we take on are performed by knowledgeable team members using equipment such as grapple saws and chippers, log-loaders as well as pole saws, tree loppers and a wide array of axes and wedges. The end result is a safer, cleaner and less disruptive but extra reliable tree and debris removal service.

We will inform you on the different methods and options on how to effectively prune, transfer or remove the tree. We have the best tree climbers at our disposal and they can bet recommend as well as execute the fastest and safest way to remove the tree, its branches and more.

Our climbers use a variety of mountain climbing gear such as ropes, seat saddles and other heavy-duty safety and security equipment. We also have dump trucks, empty disposal skips, cranes and other heavy equipment but only when it is really necessary.

Watch out for tree removal companies that insist on heavy equipment and large trucks before commencing work on removing your trees. More often than not, other simpler methods will work just as well – or even better. If your tree removal contractor does not have mountain climbers and just depend on the large vehicles and tools, they may not be a good choice for the rest of your yard, trees and also landscape.

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We are a professional tree service contractor and will be happy to help and give recommendations.

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