About Tree Removal Canberra

About Tree Removal Canberra

Tree Removal in Canberra

Tree removal projects are the most common type of service we provide at Tree Removal Canberra.
If you have many trees scattered all over your residential or commercial property, chances are you’ll need our services at some point.
If you need to take a tree down for whatever reason, we can do the job for you.

Many tree removals can get complicated and shoddy work done on it can lose you more money.
Our team of arborists are qualified and professional and will visit your home first to see the tree in person.
This way, he can assess the situation, plot out a plan of action and of course, present you with an accurate proposal of the cost of the tree lopping service.

We like to work with our clients every step of the way to make the entire tree removal process as smooth and stress-free as humanly possible for you, your family and your home.

We can also perform tree maintenance services such as trimming and nursing it back to health if it is diseased or affected negatively by something in the environment.

Another service we offer is tree pruning. We assess the trees’ general growth pattern and then proceed to remove dead branches, cutting out overcrowded tree limbs that are chafing and annoying each other.
But of course, the most important reason to prune your trees is the fact that you can eliminate hazards like falling branches falling which can cause bodily harm to whoever it lands on or destroy property if not removed.

Tree Pruning might sound like something you can easily DIY but if you have large, older trees, it should be cared for and not done by any old person with a chainsaw. We have arborists who can check the tree to ensure it will be pruned properly. Our trained staff is careful that they do not permanently damage the tree.

Finally, we don’t just pull trees down. We also offer tree planting and replanting services!
We are all hardcore gardeners and planting a new tree lovingly is something we really enjoy.
If you like, we can also plant new trees on your property.
We have access to many tree seedlings and cutting species of your choice.
We can also move and replant or transplant your favourite trees to another location within your property if you wish.

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