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Stump Removal Canberra

One of the services that Tree Removal Canberra offers is Stump Removal.
So you’ve already removed the tree, but the stump is still there in the ground.
Do you keep it there and leave it alone? Or do you remove it permanently?

Old stumps don’t seem to cause any issues or problems at first. They can even look attractive; You kids can even use it as a rustic picnic table for example.
But the longer you leave it in your yard, it will eventually get in the way of everything else like mowing the lawn or even cause your family and friends to trip over it and its roots. And of course, when you want to plant a new tree, it will get difficult because not only is it still physically there, its roots are also still reaching deep underground, leaching out all the nutrients in your soil affecting your new tree.

Tree stumps take a long time to decay. It is a slow and time-consuming process and over time, it will attract creepy pests like termites or carpenter ants that cause a lot of damage. They can burrow in the stump, creating a nest or home base, as they systematically spread out all over your garden or yard to attack all the other trees, flowerbeds and plants. and worse, invade your home!

In general, we recommend removing a stump or grinding it down, if possible, and as soon as you can to avoid bringing a pest infestation into your property.

Removing or Grinding? Which is a better method?
Both methods are highly effective yet come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.
Usually, arborists will choose either removal or grinding based on your future landscaping plans.

Stump removal is invasive and is a bit in your face.
You’ll have to break ground and dig up the stump as well as all the roots of the tree you removed.
This will need some manpower and a lot of time and hard work, as well as power tools or maybe even heavy equipment.
Once the stump removal is completed, there will be a big hole in the middle of your yard that needs to be filled in because it is an eyesore and dangerous as well because someone could fall in.
However, once done and the hole settled, your yard will look pristine and like a new canvas for you to be able to execute all your new landscaping plans.

Stump grinding on the other hand is less intense, more efficient and easier to manage. Our arborists will use specialised stump grinders that have high-speed disks with grinding teeth to cut the stump into small wood chips you can use around your garden as compost or mulch. We have them in various sizes, as big as a lawnmower and even those the size of a truck, depending on the size of the tree. The only disadvantage is that the tree’s roots – which can extend up to 12 feet from the stump will be left behind underground which might be an issue later on if you want to plant new trees since it can take more than a decade for roots to break down on their own completely.

Of course, there are other methods to remove the tree stump.
You can opt to burn it – which is quite effective but we need to make sure local fire regulations will allow it.
Speeding up the rotting process is another method if you have a year to spare, wherein little holes a foot deep is drilled into the stump and then filled with water and nitrogen-rich compost to accelerate the decaying process.
Finally, you can even choose to chemically remove the tree stump removal by inserting poisons or other chemicals into the stump. This is effective yet risky since it can harm family members as well as the soil itself.

Whatever method you decide, call tree removal Canberra!

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